Students at Huntsville's Gibbs Elementary Staying Put

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The Huntsville school district has scrapped the idea of moving students from Gibbs Elementary to other elementary schools.

The district is being forced to relocate students from the Westmoreland Learning Center because the building no longer meets fire safety codes. In addition, students at the alternative campus also needed to be moved because the location they were meeting is not designed for classroom purposes.

This led to a possible proposal to place those two groups at Gibbs Elementary and move the Gibbs students to nearby schools. But that didn't sit well with parents, and after researching the idea, the district backed down.

"If, we were able to take an elementary school and re-disperse that student population across out four elementary schools in my judgment as an educator that would be crowding those classrooms," said Richard Montgomery, superintendent, Huntsville ISD.

Dozens of concerned parents attending the meeting, but in the end they were happy with the districts decision.