Bryan Resident Says Flooding Could Have Been Prevented

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After the rain shower Tuesday morning, Bryan resident Dennis Barnes equated his backyard to a small river.

"It looks like the Little Brazos River with the banks out; I could put my ski rigs in there almost," said concerned resident, Dennis Barnes.

Barnes says this isn't the first time he and his neighbors have experienced a flooding problem.

"Water is backing up into homes as far as a half a mile up this block and there have been a lot of insurance damages," said Barnes.

He says flooding problems stem from inadequate city draining in the neighborhood. He says the drains are too small and most of them are filled with debris; he spent the morning trying to clean the drains.

"Here I'm out with a shovel in the rain all morning this morning, trying to move the debris so I can get adequate draining to keep the homes from flooding," said Barnes.

Barnes has called the City of Bryan about the problem more than once, which the city confirmed. Tuesday when he noticed the water backing up, he called again.

"I've called on numerous occasions and tried to get them to come out," said Barnes.

City officials say they have a maintenance crew that responds to issues like this. According to their records, they cleaned the drains in Barnes' neighborhood in December of last year. After his call Tuesday morning, they sent a crew to the area again.

Barnes says he would like to see more drains installed in the area because of the growing population, but for now at least the drains that do exist are clear.