HWY 40 Construction Update

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Completing Highway 40 has turned into an uphill climb. The new road which stretches from HWY 6 at Greens Prairie Road to Wellborn Road, has been under construction since April 04. The seven million dollar project was supposed to be finished or close to it by now.

But the project is still under construction, Bob Colwell with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) says there's a reason for the delay.

"It came to a point were we were at a standstill because we didn't have the materials on hand," said Bob Colwell, TxDOT.

Glenn Fuqua who's the Highway 40 contractor, points to the railroad for the reason the project is off track.

"The railroad had a large rail delay due to a shortage of rail cars and extended this project by some six months," said Glenn Fuqua, contractor.

Colwell says the material shortage didn't come as a big surprise to TxDOT.

"We have added some time to the contract because this was an unforeseen thing that he could not help," said Colwell.

Because of the recent rainy weather few crews are working on the project now. TxDOT hopes to have the highway completed by early summer, but they say it's weather like this that could delay them further.

"Good weather will really help us out. We just can't do anything in the mud at this point, you can't lay asphalt down when it's wet like this," said Colwell.

Fuqua says the project is now 90 percent complete and since all the materials have been delivered, he isn't worried about missing a few days of work because of weather.

"All we lack is this major intersection down at HWY 6 and what little you see behind me," said Fuqua.

Even though the development of Highway 40 has been a long road, once it's finally finished, TxDOT says it'll be well worth the journey.