Cooks Testifies

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In day two of the Patience Cooks murder trial, the defendant, Cooks, took the stand. As the defenses second called witness, Cooks told the jury about the morning her boyfriend Lorenzo Allen, was fatally stabbed. Patience Cooks testified Wednesday maintaining she is not guilty, saying it was Lorenzo Allen's treats and the rage in his face that made her fight back. But her emotional testimony quickly subsided.

"He just kept telling me I'm going to piece you up and he was really mad; he was angry and he's got this fear in his eyes and so I didn't have anywhere to go, so I seen the knife on the counter and it just happened," the defendant Patience Cooks said.

Patience Cooks took the stand Wednesday, testifying in her own defense.

In a re-enactment of the March morning, defense attorney Jim James asked Cooks to retell the morning events.

"What's he saying to you," James asked. "Is he saying he's going to piece you up?"

"Yes sir," Cooks said. "It means he's going to cut me up or something or stab me."

In an emotional recount of the March morning, Cooks supported the defense’s case built on self defense and alleged accounts of abuse.

"That was the only way that I could protect myself, so that day it was my life," Cooks said.

During cross examination the state painted a different picture of Cooks, a woman who's allegedly been violent against boyfriends cheating on her in the past and unclear about her own testimony.

The lack of emotion during Cooks cross examination was replaced by the heated debates between the prosecution and defense with several trips to the bench over questions posed to Cooks about being coached on her testimony, losing weight to win over the jury, and her minimal concern about the verdict.

Throughout her testimony, Patience maintained she believed Lorenzo Allen had something behind his back the morning of the stabbing, and that emotion, plus the threats to cut her, prompted her reactions.

Tamara Allen, Lorenzo's wife, also took the stand today saying Lorenzo did abuse her. The defense will continue calling witnesses Thursday. If Cooks is proven guilty for murder she could face up to 99 years or life in prison.