Thieves Steal Hot Commodity For Cold Hard Cash

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Temperatures and tempers are on the rise along one College Station street after thieves managed to rip out and steal several large air conditioning units.

"It's been kind of a rough," Maintenance Supervisor Gary Smith said.

Smith has only been on the job two days, but his role as the over-seer of the four-plexes on Meadowland in College Station is already being put to the test.

"My supervisor asked me to come down here to clean some units, so as I came to check the units my co-worker and I found out there were nine missing," Smith said.

Not just any nine, but nine of the newest air conditioning units the property had. Leaving only the older and more dated models behind.

"Yeah somebody knows what they're doing," Smith said. "They're not just ripping them out and going away with them. They're cutting the lines and have the right tools to cut the lines with."

All that trouble to get to the copper inside the unit.

"This is $120 not to mention the fittings," a repair man says while looking at the unit.

Copper is becoming a hot item for many thieves as its value continues to grow. For the guys who now have to replace it, they say the thieves didn't only steal from the property owner.

"Stealing copper, it will also raise revenue when the owner decides to rent it out," the repair man said.

Creating a ripple effect of unexpected costs and a lot of extra labor.

"No glamour, but all the work," the repair man said.

Of the nine air-condition units stolen from the four-plexes on Meadowland, only three were able to be replaced Tuesday. The remaining six are being ordered.

Residents occupying those units are being switched to cooler units, until the new A/C units come in.