College Station ISD Committee Recommends Expansion

College Station ISD is experiencing an enrollment boom. This year, the number of students grew by 5.5 percent.

"For the past couple of years we've had growth rates higher than what we projected and we recognized the need to begin a planning process," College Station ISD Deputy Superintendent Mike Ball said.

This past summer a committee was formed of community and school members to explore different options. They studied growth patterns, toured campuses and this week they made their recommendations to the board.

One of the committee’s recommendations is to tear down College Hills Elementary the school holds about 640 students. Currently, it has about 600.

The other elementary campuses have about the same capacity and enrollment numbers. The committee recommends rebuilding College Hills on the same site and building another elementary school.

"Than would provide us with an additional capacity in the elementary grades probably first because that's where we're really experiencing a faster growth rate is in those lower grade levels," Ball said.

A new four year high school is also part of the recommendations. The locations have not been picked and there is no time line for the planning process. The board still needs to discuss the options, voters support would be needed during a bond election, and if a new school is built, there would be rezoning, an involved process, supported by excitement.

"You know the fact that we're growing means people want to live here, they want to go to school here, so we're excited about the opportunity to be involved," Ball said.

The committee’s foreseeable challenge is funding additional campuses while maintaining current curriculum.

The committee also recommended new wings be constructed on existing intermediate and middle school campuses as needed.