Easterwood Airport Launches Marketing Campaign

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The Research Valley Partnership has determined Easterwood Airport needs more, more passengers and more planes flying in and out.

"It is so critical that we have a good airport and that people use the airport," said Celia Goode-Haddock, Research Valley Partnership.

Goode-Haddock says the community's perception about the airport is not what they would like it to be. Many local travelers consider driving to Houston or Austin for flights, because they believe it will save money. But Goode-Haddock says that's not always the case and that's the reason behind a new marketing campaign that promotes the airport.

"We're just trying to turn the mind set around to get people to think differently about flying out of Easterwood," said Goode-Haddock.

The campaign has a price tag of about $150,000 and includes television, radio and print ads. Goode-Haddock says each of the ads will remind the community of the benefits of flying out of Easterwood.

"We have three different campaigns going, one to talk about community, one to talk about price and one to talk about how it's good for the economy," she said.

Goode-Haddock says if the campaign is a success, Easterwood will have more traffic, which will have a positive effect on their relationship with the airlines.

"They will put in more flights and if we fill those flights, then perhaps other airlines will say, what's with this local community, maybe we need to come to this location," she said.

But the number of passengers will have to increase before that happens. Goode-Haddock says that won't happen if the public’s misconceptions aren't addressed.