Bryan Police Concerned About Ordinance

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A new ordinance dealing with unrelated roommates was the hot topic Tuesday at Bryan's city council meeting. And the police department wants to make it clear that while they'll enforce the law, they have concerns about it.

Tuesday night, assistant police chief Freddie Komar told a packed Bryan Municipal Building that enforcing a likely-soon-to-be-passed ordinance limiting unrelated residents in certain neighborhoods wasn't going to be easy.

"I don't get paid to tell people what they want to hear," said Komar. "I get paid to tell the truth.">

And the truth, he says, is that the language in the ordinance is sketchy. He said there are no firm guidelines on what a relative or a resident is, no time or bloodline definitions to define if more than two unrelated residents are living together in an area they shouldn't be.

"Being given an ordinance that will be extremely difficult at best to enforce, I'm afraid it's going to set the police department up, potentially, for failure," Komar said.

Komar says since it is a code enforcement issue, they will rely heavily on residents for help. But if the support shown for the ordinance Tuesday is on par with the whole community, that help shouldn't be hard to find.

"I hope that just the fact that an ordinance was put in place, that that will help get some of our citizens some relief," Komar said.

One Bryan councilman Thursday evening said he agrees, there is some ambiguity in the ordinance, and that police may have a difficult time enforcing it. But, he said, obviously the citizens have wanted this for a long time, and that there is room for change down the line.

Komar says the department would likely need another code enforcement officer to handle the added work load from this ordinance. He says that division already has a full load.