Decorated A&M Graduate Dies

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The man widely believed to be responsible for the modern Aggie Muster has died.

Retired Army Col. Tom Dooley passed away after a long illness at the age of 92. During World War II, he was held prisoner by the Japanese for three-and-a-half years. He also received a Silver Star and the Legion of Merit for his service.

"He was responsible for the United Press radio dispatch that told of an
Aggie Muster on Corredigor in 1942 shortly before the island fell to
the Japanese," said Jerry Cooper, the former editor of "The Texas Aggie." "That dispatch was the catalyst for establishment of the
modern Aggie Muster."

Dooley was a member of the Corps during his time at Texas A&M, serving in the Ross Volunteers and acting as lead yell leader his senior year.

Dooley died and will be buried in Kentucky, where he and his wife had been living. He was a native of McKinney, Texas.