"Test" Signs Confuse BCS Drivers

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Drivers in Bryan-College Station are seeing unusual signs.

"Its just a big sign that says test sign," said Paul Tilton. " Lake Cape or.." pondered Phillip Bowling. "It says like Camp Town or something 7 miles away," said Rebekah Lightsey.

The signs are leaving drivers wondering if another five miles will really put them in Bear Owen.

"I thought there was a new town just down the road or something," said Bowling. "I was like why are these things popping up all over town?" said Lightsey. "If I had to guess, to throw people off? No reasonable explanation," said Tilton. "Department of Transportation just testing out some new methods of signage, I guess," said Bowling.

The signs are actually part of a study by the Texas Transportation Institute and TXDOT. They are all to determine which signs reflect the best and are most readable at night.

When it's all said and done about 100 volunteers will have been hooked up to an "eye-tracker;" a contraption that records a drivers eye movements.

"Test sign, I guess that makes sense," said Bowling. "Good to know, go A&M and their research," said Lightsey.

It's research that could change signs across the country, since the Federal Highway Administration is also keeping an eye on the results.

So, the next time you see a test sign, don't think about it too hard. Just don't expect to make it to Lake Cape.

If you'd like to volunteer for future studies, you can call the Texas Transportation Institute at 979-845-0866.