Chilifest 2006

As the beer flows, countless country music fans flock to Snook, for two days known for booze, music, and food.

"We're cooking, drinking beer, listening to good music, staying up all night, and just having fun," one Chilifest attendee said. "That's Chilifest to me."

But behind the music and the beer lies a little known fact. Last year the music fest raised over $70,000.

"It was started to raise money for all the local charities throughout the Brazos Valley," Tina Gandy with Twinz Co. Graphic Design said. "And as the years have continued on and it's become bigger and more successful I think that perception was lost."

That seems to be the case. If you ask the regulars why they head to the big field, the answers all sound the same.

"It's fun, you just come out here and have a good time, cook a little, drink a little beer, and listen to music," Zack Stark said.

"It's basically a drunk fest," Whitney King said.

It's this perception, the folks behind Chilifest want changed.

"We want to make sure the community knows that this event is more than just about who's singing and who's at the event, " Gandy said. "But where the dollars go back to. I think that's important for folks to know."

Twinz Co. Graphic design was hired to sketch out a five year image altering plan. They're promoting the charities that benefit, and they want to attract more families, teens and up, to Chilifest. They hope in five years, Chilifest will mean something different to those who attend.

"It is a good event with headliners that are unbelievable that we have a waiting list for all these wonderful people who want to come and participate in Chilifest but if anything I want it to be considered as the biggest charity event in the Brazos Valley," Gandy said.

But the campaign has a ways to go. If you take a look at the festival, the beer and music seem to steal the show.

Saturday's line-up includes Randy Rogers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Pat Green, Aaron Watson, and Robert Earl Keen.