Mock Drill Prepares EMS for the Real Things

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Texas A&M's Emergency Care Team and EMS received some training on how to handle large scale disasters Sunday.

Imagine being at a sporting event with hundreds of people and lightening striking causing damage and massive injuries. That was the scenario at Olsen field for Texas A&M's EMS and Emergency Care Team as they took part in a mock mass casualty incident on Sunday.

" To give our people practice in a large scale disaster situation. What would you do if you had a bunch of patients and very few medics to handle it. It's a modified treatment scenario of how you would categorize the patients and transport them," said Brittany Matheson with the Emergency Care Team.

The group is made up of student volunteers. Many of them are not majoring in the medical field, they just want to know how to help others in an emergency.

Mock scenarios like this one are now mandatory for all EMS workers. It's part of a National Incident Management System.

Some members of the team got their first taste of working in times of disasters during the real thing with hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

EMS got called up to go down to Houston and help out at the Astrodome for hurricane relief and that was one of the most amazing experiences that we've been able to be apart of," said Edward Lee with EMS.

" We had hurricane Katrina and they sent a lot of victims our way. We were basically in charge of helping to do medical care at Reed Arena. We had a bunch of patients," said Matheson.

Although Sunday's drill was just practice, team members say it gave them the confidence to handle the real thing.

The team also sets up first aid stations at athletic, Core of Cadets and other university sponsored events.