Local Reaction to Immigration

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The debate over immigration law reform continues in Washington. And that hot button topic has sparked many protests around the country. The local Hispanic community is also speaking out on the issue.

"It's devastating to anybody that's an American because immigrants are apart of this country," said LULAC President, Mike Flores.

Flores is upset by the proposed new immigration legislation which would tighten border security and hold people criminally liable for assisting illegal immigrants. Flores' father came to America as an undocumented worker.

"These undocumented workers come over because they're seeking a better life. What this bill is basically saying is that they're all here to see what they can do to devastate this country and that's a big lie," said Flores.

Others agree.

"The community is offended. We are hard working people and we are coming from Latin America and we want to work very hard. We are not criminals," said Father Raymundo Chavez with Santa Teresa's Catholic Church.

The church is organizing a community wide march on April 10. Others all over the country will be marching as well and are calling it "A day of action and justice."

"This is going to be a Christian march, a peaceful march and we want to have the situation under control. We want to say, we are here, we're working with you. We want to build up the nation," said Chavez.

Chavez says the proposed legislation goes against the church's beliefs and the teachings of Jesus Christ to help the poor.

The local Hispanic community hopes to band together to shed some light and have their voices heard on this emotional issue.

The march is planned for April 10 at 3 p.m. in Bryan. Details about the route are still being worked out. Also, LULAC meets the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the office located at 1202 Villa Maria.