Locker Room Tax in Irving?

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Irving voters will decide whether to tax professional football players for their use of Texas Stadium locker rooms.

The proposal is part of a city plan to help pay for redeveloping the stadium site after the Dallas Cowboys leave. The team plans to move to a new stadium in nearby Arlington by the 2009 season.

Irving Mayor Herbert Gears says the city needs to raise about 30-million dollars to demolish the 35-year-old stadium and build something else.

Cowboys safety Keith Davis says the tax would be an unfair burden on some players. A spokesman for the NFL Player's Association says no other stadium has such a tax.

The referendum also includes an extra ten percent charge on game tickets and a three-dollar parking tax.

Supporters of the tax say Irving residents will be stuck paying to clean up the stadium site if they don't approve the taxes.

Voters head to the polls on May 13th.