Way Finding Sign Design Unveiled

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It's been in the works for about a year and a half, and now the several government way finding sign project is making headway. Tuesday at the Brazos County Commissioners meeting, the Bryan-College Station convention and visitors bureau presented a project update, taking one step closer towards completion.

Getting lost in Bryan-College Station may soon be more difficult.

The areas way finding sign project is in full swing, with the unveiling of the proposed design.

"We're really in need of it to move people around safely, securely, and with a real sense of place," Barry Biggar with the Bryan-College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

A year and a half ago, Bryan, College Station, and Texas A&M University agreed to pay for a several thousand dollar study to look into the project. Since then each entity has approved sign locations and the overall concept.

The signs will point to roughly 80 locations around Brian, College Station, and the county, including main attractions like Kyle Field.

If the design is approved, the signs will be a square design. Each will have a star featured on top, cohesive with both cities and the university's logo, plus different colors will be designated for each entity.

The plan is to have location signs, parking signs, and kiosks to direct visitors.

"We have a lot of visitors who come into our office who cannot find anything they're looking for," Biggar said. "That's not a welcoming way to treat your visitors, or new residents, or those looking to relocate."

There are two foreseeable roadblocks, dealing with regulations regarding state road signage, like those found on Texas and 2818 and funding for the creation of the signs, the entire project is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The actual signs will be paid for by the city or university, depending on the sign's location.

"We're adding a lot of attractions," Biggar said. "We're adding a lot of businesses, and we're now at a point where we really need to help these people find their way around."

As for when you might start seeing the signs, an exact date has yet to be determined.

The Bryan College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau will meet with the cities of Bryan, College Station, and Texas A&M University within the next three weeks for design approval.