Foster Homes Needed for Local Animals

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If the Brazos Animal Shelter were a hotel, the no vacancy sign would be turned on. The shelter is experiencing severe space limitations due to structural problems. Currently there are 64 dogs at the shelter, but only 24 usable kennels.

"They're not sealed anymore and some of the walls have come loose so they're not disease resistant and they are dangerous for the animals," said Kelley Durham, the director of the Brazos Animal Shelter.

Durham says in the past week they have had to stop using 10 kennels, but they haven't stopped accepting animals.

"What that means for us probably 100 animals that we would house in a week or more. So pulling that out of inventory is a huge crunch for us," said Durham.

The shelter is now asking the community for help in the form of foster homes.

Leiha Kochan, the volunteer coordinator for the shelter, says foster parents do not incur any expenses. They are given all the food and supplies needed to care for the animal.

"Many of them find it very rewarding when they see an animal they've cared for now go to a new loving home," said Leiha Kochan, the volunteer coordinator for Brazos Animal Shelter.

Durham says without help from foster parents it is possible each animal’s time at the shelter will be shorter.

"Without the space and without the foster homes, we euthanize more animals," said Durham.

The shelter plans to start construction repairs this summer, but that will take time, and until then these animals need a temporary home, maybe yours.