Accident Highlights Busy 29th Street

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It was just last week residents met with city officials to talk about changes to 29th Street around Blinn. With Tuesday's fatal accident fresh in their minds, opinions are still divided on the suggestions made so far.

Tuesday's fatal accident outside John Luna's house is nothing new.

"Pretty much on a daily basis, there are fender benders, near misses, things like that," Luna said.

Luna has settled on a deal with the city of Bryan to sell his long-time home so new construction can happen at Skrivanek and 29th, just across from 29th's Blinn College entrance. Among the changes would be a traffic signal at the intersection, and the cul-de-sac-ing of Skrivanek, cutting off access to 29th.

"I think it would benefit the neighborhood greatly," Luna said. "It would make it a lot safer. I think the other kids in the neighborhood would have the opportunity to enjoy the front yard and play and ride their bikes."

But where one man and one group sees improvement, other neighbors see the potential for even more traffic in what they feel is an already-saturated neighborhood.

"They're going to cut right down our street, and we're going to have twice the traffic we have now, or even bigger," said Garden Lane resident Tracy Treybig.

The "they" he's referring to is mainly Blinn College students, who Treybig believes would flood his street, along with neighboring Esther if Skrivanek is cut off.

"Only solution I can see is to cul-de-sac all of them, Garden Lane, Skrivanek and Esther, which is then going to make a lot of people really mad because they won't be able to get across to 29th Street," Treybig said. He also noted that there probably won't be a winner in this issue.

"We need to remember that, as a city, we need to keep growing, and we need to make sure that we're doing things to encourage that growth and help the community," Luna said.

Though that growth has certainly changed the face of one neighboring neighborhood.

The city council will hear from staff on the proposed changes at an upcoming meeting.