Restaurant Report Card - Week of July 16th

Find out what's lurking behind the kitchen door of your favorite restaurant. How do they fair under the watchful eye of the Brazos County Health Department? KBTX continues to look at which Brazos Valley restaurants are making the grade and which ones aren't.

Here's what health ispectors found for the week of July 16th:

El Tio in Bryan receives the low score of a 46 and a suspended permit primarily for temperature violations.
Also, employees weren't washing their hands properly and utensils were stored in the mop sink.

Sonic on Texas Avenue in Bryan drives home an 88.
It was docked for a dirty can opener and dirty drink nozzles, as well as a clogged toilet.

It's the same score for the Kettle on Texas Avenue in College Station because of dirty utensils and ham not cold enough.

Plus, a trio of perfect scores to report. The New China Wok Express on Villa Maria in Bryan, and Manchu Wok and Taste of the Tropics in Post Oak Mall each received a 100 from health inspectors.

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