Bryan PD Looks to Strike at Petty Crime

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You've heard about Bryan PD's Neighborhood Enforcement Team. Now, that group is branching out into another nickname -- VIPER, which stands for Visibility Intelligence Partnerships Education Resourcing.

So far this year, calls for service at BPD are up nine percent over last year.

"A good majority of the time that we spend responding to these calls for service, which eats into the resources of our ability to deal with some of the more violent crime," said Police Chief Ty Morrow. "If we can focus our attention and get the citizens to be a force multiplier helping us be the eyes and ears out in the community, then I think it'll have a better impact on the crime rates."

According to Bryan PD, more than 90 percent of crime they are dealing with isn't violent, but property crime. With those cases sometimes harder to solve but time consuming, authorities will begin a more prominent education push, including asking businesses in the city to post signs.

One tells potential criminals there's no cash in the register overnight. Another encourages drivers to keep their valuables out of sight in their cars.

The VIPER team will also look towards newer educational methods like YouTube or MySpace.