FBI Releases Bank Robbery Statistics

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released its bank robbery statistics from 2007.

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It appears robbing banks is a very lucrative business.

The statistics show in just one quarter, robbers made off with $23 million and cops recovered only $10 million of it.

More than 1,500 banks and other savings institutions were robbed in three months of 2007. An amazing number of crimes have not been solved.

Here are some interesting facts from the FBI site:
Robbers like to pull a job on Fridays more than any other day.
Branch offices get hit the most, by far.
The person most often killed in a bank robbery is the robber himself. Bank robbery deaths are very rare: only five deaths nationwide in the entire year and four of them were robbers.
The bank robbery capitals of the country are California, followed distantly by Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania.