Granberry, Matzke Meet in News 3 Forum

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It is certainly the less heated of the two runoff for seats in Brazos County Courts, but assistant DA Jay Granberry and attorney Amanda Matzke agreed that voters may be turned off by election negativity.

"The response that I've gotten from people is that they're very turned off by it," said Matzke. "I've had people say that they even considered not going out to vote at all."

"Who knows how that's going to play out, whether it's going to hurt or help turnout, the ugliness in the other race," said Granberry. "I certainly hope it doesn't."

On Brazos Valley This Morning Wednesday, the candidates promised to serve honorably if elected in November. Their seat was recently vacated by Judge Randy Michel over an inappropriate relationship with another attorney.

"I will do what I've been doing the last over five years and continue to do the best job I can, put my head down and work for the people of Brazos County," Granberry said.

"I'm a very ethical person," Matzke said. "I do my job. I get the job done, and I take my work very seriously."

And the two touted their different paths to this coming Tuesday's runoff, and why they believe they're most qualified for the job.

"For the past 10 years, I've worked in the county courts at law in Brazos County, and for about five of those years, I specifically worked in County Court at Law Number 1," Matzke said.

"The District Attorney's Office is not all I've done," Granberry said. "I've been at the county attorney's office in another county, and practiced many trials for the county courts at law."

"My experience is handling the types of cases that come before that court," Matzke said.

"I think I'm more qualified in the sense that I have much more extensive courtroom experience," Granberry said.

The winner of the runoff goes on to face democrat Allen Segal in November.

A complete look at the Brazos Valley This Morning candidates forum will be available in the Featured Links section of until the runoff is complete.