Group Ranks Texas Fourth in 'Pork-Barrel' Projects

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The Texas congressional delegation brought home the fourth-largest amount of federal funding for special projects last year. That's according to a spending watchdog group called Citizens Against Government Waste.

The group presented its annual Congressional Pig Book yesterday to call attention to what it deems irresponsible "pork-barrel" spending.

The group detailed a record-high 29 (b) billion dollars in congressional pork projects for 2005. That included 403 (m) million dollars for 262 projects in Texas.

"Pork" means homestate and home district projects specially set aside in congressional spending measures.

Four Texas projects identified in the report were:
-- 6-point-8 (m) million dollars for a Fort Hood physical
fitness center when the post already has six others;
-- 1 (m) million dollars for the University of Texas Flywheel
Bus and Truck Program;
-- 250-thousand dollars for the renovation of the Globe Theater
in Odessa;
-- and, 200-thousand dollars for the renovation of the Fredonia
Hotel and Convention Center in Nacogdoches.