One More Langley-Barron Face-off

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In what may be their last meeting before the Tuesday runoff, Judge J.D. Langley and David Barron made their cases to retain or obtain the 85th District Court seat.

It certainly wasn't a repeat of the now-infamous KEOS debate. The two even made something close to compliments about each other.

"He's done an adequate job as an attorney on behalf of the indigent people that he's been representing," Langley said.

"I believe that Judge Langley has been a good judge in the courtroom," said Barron, "other than the major problem that he has, and that's an anger management problem."

And with that, the trends of this race for 85th District Court emerged again. Barron spent time nearly every statement reiterating accusations of sexual harrassment, missed child support payments and anger management against Langley.

The judge refuted or denied each charge, instead focusing on his work in court, including a near-spotless record of appeals on the bench.

"These accusations that he has been making are just that, accusations," Langley said.

"I'm not evil incarnate," Barron said. "I've got my own human flaws, and to restore integrity, you have to act judicial on the bench."

And when the opportunity came, Langley posed this question:

"What are you planning to do, if you're elected, to improve the delivery of judicial service to the citizens of Brazos County," he asked.

"I plan on avoiding the same mistakes that you made, Judge," Barron replied.

" Well, see, that's exactly the problem here, is that you're not telling the voters what you're going to do," Langley responded.

"This has nothing to do with computers and technology and running the docket," Barron said. "It has everything to do with the character of the person sitting in the office."

No other party is running a candidate for 85th District Court.

Video of the entire candidates forum from Brazos Valley This Morning can be found in the Featured Links section of It will remain online until the runoff concludes.