Gas Prices

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Retail gasoline prices skyrocketed across Texas this week amid concerns over summer gasoline supply prospects.

The weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey shows self-serve regular averaging two dollars 59 cents per gallon at the pump. That's eleven cents higher than last year and 45 cents higher than a year ago.

Nationally, regular self-serve is averaging two dollars 60 cents per gallon -- up nine cents from last week.

A Triple-A statement says prices could continue to climb. Auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says steep price increases are common this time of year. But she says there's added uncertainty over whether there will be sufficient gasoline supplies later this year. She says it may be several weeks before clarity is brought to that uncertainty, and that gas prices may rise steadily in the meantime.

The survey shows Fort Worth has the highest average retail gasoline price of two dollars 67 cents per gallon -- up more than 15 cents from last week. Corpus Christi has the cheapest gas, averaging two dollars 49 cents per gallon. That's up almost ten cents.