Woman Arrested in Baby Murder Case

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An arrest has been made in the 6 month old murder mystery of an abandoned newborn. A 35 year old North Texas woman is charged with murdering the infant and discarding the body in a trash can.

Brazos County investigators named the infant " Baby Joseph " and held funeral services for him back in October. At that time they had no idea who the mother was, but believe they know now.

Susan Jeanine Chiniewicz of The Colony, a community near Dallas, was arrested Friday morning and charged with murder. The newborn was found in a restroom trash can at Texas World Speedway after a motorcycle race last October.

In an effort to track down the mother, the Brazos County Sheriff's office sent mail-outs to all of the groups who were at the track that day.

Investigators say Chiniewicz then contacted them, saying she was at the track that day, was on her menstrual cycle and may have bled in the bathroom.

Authorities say her DNA matched that of the baby and evidence collected at the crime scene.

According to court documents, Chiniewicz admitted to giving birth to the infant and placing him in a trash can. Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk says detectives worked tirelessly on the case.

" It was a startling discovery and tragic incident, but it has had a profound effect. Our investigators have committed themselves to bring some resolution to this case and we're happy to finally have that," said Kirk.

Chiniewicz is married with 3 children. Authorities aren't sure if her husband was the father of Baby Joseph. Chiniewicz was in custody at Denton County Jail with bond is set at $1.5 million for most of Friday and then transported to Brazos County.