Thousands of Parents Visit for A&M Parents' Weekend

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In the Spring, Parents' Weekend is one of the busiest weekends at A&M. Thousands of moms and dads come to Aggieland to visit their students.

"We caught the football game, it's just been a blast," said Peter Louwerse, Aggie parent.

"We really got to know some of the families and some of his fish buddies because he's just a freshman," said Sue Munns, Aggie parent.

"We enjoy seeing all the parents and seeing all the kids and what they're doing," said Cheryl Scoby, Aggie parent.

The weekend was filled with a variety of activities so students could show their parents just what they've been up to this year.

"It's nice to show them what I've been up to all year and show them that I haven't been slacking off," said Kurtis Scoby, student.

"It was nice getting to show them around Aggieland and tell them some of the history of the place," said Chuck Stem, student.

For some getting ready for a visit from mom and dad, meant doing a little spring cleaning.

"I pulled some trash out of my desk and cleaned my bed a little bit," said Kevin Munns, student.

While others were waiting for their parents to do the work for them.

"Well, they always end up doing a little better than I do so I just waited on them," said Scoby.

Most students were excited to have a visit from mom and dad. But they say the best part of the weekend, was having their wallet in town as well.

"You can buy food if you need it," said Munns.

"My meal plans are getting pretty low so you know a trip to the grocery store isn't a bad thing," said Scoby.

"Yeah, grocery store trips are always nice," said Stem.

Parents say they were happy to stock the fridge and fill their students bellies and they enjoyed their weekend in Aggieland.

"They get caught up on their laundry and get a trip to the grocery store and all those things to try to get them squared away as much as you can," said David Scoby, Aggie parent.

"We'll be back and this is the first time I have herd my daughter commit to coming here so that's good to know," said Louwerse.

Toni Harrison, News 3.