Summer Gasoline Rates

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Gasoline prices are surging again with summer still more than two months away. In some places, it's costing three dollars a gallon or even more to fill up.

Surveys indicate drivers won't be easing off on their mileage, using even more gas than a year ago. But they are grumbling about the price.

The Energy Department says it expects the price of regular to average two dollars, 62 cents a gallon over the April-to-September driving period. But prices around the country already are above that.

Today, we'll be getting data on the U-S petroleum inventory. Many analysts think it will show a decline in gasoline stocks for the sixth week in a row.

Crude oil futures have eased today as traders took some profits after prices hit the 69-dollar-a-barrel mark yesterday. But analysts say underlying jitters stemming from Iran's nuclear standoff and violence in Nigeria will keep prices high.