CS Council to Examine New Properties

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Development is well underway off of Southwest Parkway, and 15 plots will have new homes built on them in the very near future. But after a change in developers and the subsequent change in plans for the houses, College Station's council is looking for reassurance.

Around a year ago, a developer began work to plat vacant land in the Southwood Valley area of College Station, with 15 lots created on North Bardell Court. Those lots are now under construction, but under a different developer.

Originally, garages were to be part of the property, but the new developer says engineering doesn't allow for garages. Now, city Planning and Zoning and the council are concerned.

"They felt a little misled as well, and then ultimately, the council got information from the neighborhoods that, in fact, it wasn't what they said it was going to be," said Director of Planning and Development Services Joey Dunn.

Dunn adds that there's no animosity from the city towards the new or old developers. But at Thursday's city council meeting, an ordinance will be considered to restrict or ban on-street parking on North Bardell, all in an effort to try to keep rental properties from sprouting up in an area with mostly permanent residents.

"If the houses should become rental, there's an issue or concerns about additional parking, so the idea of restricting on-street parking came up," Dunn said.

"We need to make sure that what this gentleman is planning on doing is in conformity with the neighborhood that surrounds him," said Councilmember Ben White, who was on the P&Z board when North Bardell Court was first discussed.

"Just by the very nature of how the homes are going to be, where they're positioned, the pads in the back in lieu of garages, it would certainly point towards rental property," White added.

Whether parking restrictions are an answer to keeping neighborhood integrity is to be determined.

The current developer of the property, Blake Cathey, says he'll be at Thursday night's council meeting to show his plans to the council, and hopes any concerns will be alleviated.