85th District Court Race

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Some Brazos County residents who cast votes in the primary runoff election were apparently turned off by one race. In record numbers, voters refused to cast a vote in the 85th district court race. In fact the "under vote" as it's called was the highest than in any local election in recent history. The number who didn't vote in the race was so significant, it could have changed the outcome of the race.

Judge J.D. Langley retained his seat on the 85th district court bench in a close race.

The outcome could have been much different, had everyone who voted in Brazos County, voted in the 85th district court race.

"There's always a few you know, we've never gone through a whole election where there's no under votes at all," Brazos County Clerk Karen McQueen said. "The amount this time was higher than I've ever seen."

250 under votes were counted in the race, meaning neither candidate got a vote on a particular ballot. The number of votes separating Langley and Barron, a close 245.

A normal number of under votes in a race is between 50 and 60. 57 residents chose not to cast a vote in the Court at Law No. 1 race.

"The main thing I heard people say was that they just were not going to vote in that race because of all the negative stuff they're hearing," McQueen said.

It's not unusual for there to be under votes. People do and don't vote for certain races for various reasons.

"I vote about the people that I'm sure about, if I'm not familiar with a candidate or what they're doing I don't vote," Bryan resident Robert Lotito said.

"I usually vote every race, because I'm afraid it won't count if I leave one out," Neil McCully said.

It's the outstanding number of under votes in the 85th district court race that's drawing attention. It seems residents may have been turned off by the contentiousness of the race.

5,196 voters cast ballots for the run-off election, that's early and regular voting combined.