Out With the Old Video Board at Kyle Field

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Major changes are underway over at Kyle Field as the old video board at the south-end of the stadium is coming down.

The structure is scheduled to be completely deconstructed by around May 1, with construction on the new, bigger Mitsubishi video board to begin a few weeks later.

The new screen will be 4,000 square feet, around seven times bigger than the old screen, and should be completed by August. It will stand 90 feet tall, or about the height of Kyle's second deck, and will be one of the largest screens in college athletics.

Kyle Field will also be getting a new sound system as part of the recently-approved additions.

In addition to their work at Texas A&M, Mitsubishi has installed major video boards across the nation. They're responsible for MTV's video screens in New York's Times Square, Yankee Stadium and at the University of Nebraska. "Huskervision" was installed when Bill Byrne was with the Cornhusker athletic department.

Mitsubishi also installed the world's largest video board at Atlanta's Turner Field, home of Major League Baseball's Braves. That screen was 5,600 square feet.

There is no word yet on a specific name for Kyle's video board.

Reed Arena and Olsen Field will get new video boards later this year. A large hanging video and scoreboard will be hung from Reed's ceiling, with other screens added around the facility. A portable screen for other big sporting events at A&M is also in the deal approved by the System Board of Regents at a recent meeting.