Madison County Commissioner Under Investigation

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There's new information regarding an election night confrontation at the Madison County Courthouse involving a county commissioner. Thursday, police released new details regarding the incident, and the alleged victim wants to set the record straight.

Wednesday police described the incident as a shoving match between Madison County Commissioner Elsie Farris and former Madison County resident Karen Altom. In a written statement released Thursday, police said it was Farris who assaulted Altom and that Altom was injured in the altercation.

Police had previously told us no one was injured, and no one was arrested. Thursday we learned that while Commissioner Farris wasn't booked, she was taken away to jail.

Altom has asked the Madisonville Police Department to assist her in filing charges against Farris.

In a written statement she said, "I saw Commissioner Farris arrive at the Madison County Courthouse on Tuesday evening, April 11. After a few moments she crossed to where my brother, Jon Stevens, was standing and began yelling at him. I walked up to Jon and said “just walk away.” At that point, Commissioner Farris turned and assaulted me. I asked for someone to call 911 and when officers arrived she had to be physically restrained. Later that evening I went to the emergency room in Madison County to be treated and am currently under the care of my physician."

Madison County District Attorney William Bennett said Thursday, "The Madison County Criminal District Attorney's office received this day (Thursday) a report from the Madisonville Police Department regarding an incident between County Commissioner Elsie Farris and another individual. The police report includes statements from several witnesses detailing the event as they saw it. Additionally, there appear to be other witnesses who have yet to provide statements in this case. It is the intent of this office to attempt to obtain statements from anyone else who witnessed the incident and has not yet provided the police department with a statement. Any decisions regarding charges in this case will be made by the Criminal District Attorney's office after such time as the investigation becomes more complete."

Commissioner Elsie Farris did not return our repeated phone calls requesting comment..

Altom meanwhile, is under the care of her doctor.