No Parking Restrictions on North Bardell

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At College Station's city council meeting Thursday night, in a 5-to-2 vote, they decided against imposing street parking restrictions on new homes in the Southwood Valley area.

However, the council said they would keep their eyes on that area in the future. Councilmembers expressed displeasure at the new developer for not informing them of changes to parking plans for homes after he took over from the original developer.

The current homes in the area are mostly permanent residents. The council had concerns that the new properties would more likely become rental properties.

But as far as the parking goes, the developer, Blake Cathey, has planned for four parking spaces for each of the 15 homes. That's two more than what is required for a College Station residence.

The homes will have mostly three and four bedrooms, which is another concern of councilmembers. John Happ expressed concern that the neighborhood would be more like an apartment complex.

Another concern: the ability for emergency vehicles to get down the cul-de-sac if cars are parked on both sides of the road. Cathey showed photos of a concrete truck getting past trucks on either side of the street, though some on the council still wondered if a ladder truck responding to a fire could get through.

In the end, though, the majority of the council took a wait-and-see approach, choosing to monitor the new lots and make future changes if necessary. As Cathey pointed out, restricting parking on one street could cause drivers to park on streets nearby, which could make for even bigger problems, he said.

Nearly every street in that part of College Station has unrestricted parking.