Higher and Higher...

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Retail gasoline prices continue to soar across Texas and the nation as crude oil market prices push sharply higher.

The weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey shows the average retail price of regular, self-serve gasoline in Texas climbed 14 cents this week to two dollars 73 cents per gallon. Nationally, the average price climbed 12 cents this week to two dollars 72 cents per gallon.

Auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says crude prices approached the record high of 70 dollars 85 cents per barrel earlier this week. That's amid concerns that shipments from Iran, Nigeria and Iraq might be jeopardized by security threats.

She says motorists could expect to see higher gas prices this summer if crude prices remain near 70 dollars per barrel.

The highest average price in Texas was reported in Dallas, where the price climbed 14 cents this week to an average of two dollars 81 cents per gallon. The cheapest gas was found in Corpus Christi, where it averaged two dollars 65 cents per gallon -- despite a 16-cent increase this week.