Can't Pass on Gas? Pass the Bucks

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One year ago, the price of gas was two bucks and some spare change. Now, no one is being spared by the big change at the pump.

Some local gas stations are showing $3 premium gas, with the price of regular starting to inch close to that less-than-magic number.

When is three dollars cause for concern? When you pay it 15 times in one stop, and you have to stop fairly often.

"I think with word of mouth and just being in the right place, there's about three places in town that'll save you about 10 cents per gallon," said Travis Habhab.

On Boonville Road in Bryan, you'll find some of the most expensive regular grade gas on one side of the street, and some of the cheapest on the other.

"I wish the prices were lower, but you can't have everything you want," said Michelle Wilson, with newly trimmed family in tow. "The haircuts were cheap, and they look good, too."

Wilson's four passengers have new do's, but that younger generation is one that didn't have one dollar gallons of gas.

"It was nice growing up with it being less expensive, but then wages were a lot less then," Wilson said. If you look at the inflation of everything else, gas has not kept up with the inflation."

Some people might call the oil and gas industries cash cows. Unfortunately, cows don't provide the fuel your vehicle. If you wanted to power your car with chocolate milk, you'd pay about two bucks per gallon. You might not get any more mileage and you'll get a higher price if you add cream and sugar to it. It's about $5 for a gallon of ice cream.

"Marble Slab would be great," said Wilson when asked what she'd rather be spending money on.

"Take the family out to eat or go to a movie or something like that," was Paul Chapman's wish for his money rather than gas. For him, Easter means a visit from Houston to his Brazos Valley family.

"If you want to see your family, you've got to see your family, so you've got to pay your dues," he said. "I've got a diesel truck as well as a gasoline truck, so when you're out on the road with a diesel truck, diesel can very from place to place."

"You've just got to shop around a little bit more and find the cheaper places to try to be a little more conservative," Habhab said.

If the current trends are here to stay, it's looking like a pretty conservative summer courtesy of the pumps.

As of Friday, the average price of gas in the state was $2.73. One year ago, it was $2.12. In the past week, the price of gas in Texas and nationwide is up 11 cents.

You can log on to and click on the Texas Gas Prices icon on the left side of the page to find the best prices in the Brazos Valley and across the state.