Armed Bank Robbery In College Station

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As two employees of the State Bank location just south of Rock Prairie Road in College Station were preparing to open Saturday morning, they found their lives in danger.

"They were approached by four men who were armed, forced them into the bank, disabled the alarm and eventually made them give them some money," said Larry Johnson, assistant chief, College Station Police Department.

Johnson says the suspects, who are described as black males wearing ski type masks, were only in the bank for a short time and the employees that were held at gun point were not physically harmed.

"They handled themselves well they did what they should have done and so as physically they were not injured," said Johnson.

The bank was closed on Saturday as a result of the robbery, but they will be open and back to business Monday morning.

"They did it thinking of their employees and they have another location so they just directed their customers to the other location," said Johnson.

Johnson believes the robbery was planned.

"Because of the day, because of the time of morning, those things kind of lead us to believe the that they had given this some thought," said Johnson.

As a precaution, College Station PD has alerted other area banks about the robbery. But Johnson says all businesses, especially those that keep cash on hand, should review security procedures with employees.

"Review what they have with their employees and make sure that they are following their own procedures because they could in fact save a life," he said.

State Bank officials are still auditing how much money was stolen. But they are thankful their employees were able to escape without harm.