Easter Services Held In Central Park

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As the sun rose on Easter Sunday, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in College Station held a different service than normal. The church wanted to bring the community together for the holiday, so they took their services out of the sanctuary and into Central Park.

"The thing with Easter in the park was to do something special, something different. I think we accomplished it," said Pastor Caleb Schoeneck, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

Beautiful Savior is a relatively small church. On a normal Sunday they have about 50 members in attendance, but bringing their services outside to Central Park allowed them to more than double in size.

"To have two people out here this morning would have been wonderful, to have just the regular 50 would have been wonderful. But to have this many people and to share with them the gospel was just a treat," said Schoeneck.

Schoeneck says it took a lot of planning to pull off the special service. Church members arrived at the park before dawn to help set up.

"Our day starts about 5:30 a.m. Coming out here setting chairs up, setting equipment up, today was pretty nice got everything set up, everything worked great," said Willie Wage, church member.

But it wasn't just church members helping out, a mission group of seven high school students came to the Brazos Valley from Minnesota to assist the church.

"This was one of the churches that needed help. So we decided that we would come down here and help them out and hopefully give them a few new members, we just really wanted to help out in a special way," said Kelsey Krohn, mission student.

This is the second year Beautiful Savior has held a sunrise Easter service in the park. Next year, they plan to do it all over again with another outdoor service that's open to everyone.