Bryan Police Firing Upheld

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A Bryan police officer fired for using excessive force, won't be back on the beat.

Shane Spry was indefinitely suspended after police say he violated departmental policy.

He reportedly pointed his gun at a woman to stop her from driving through a crime scene in January 2005.

An internal investigation found that Spry's account of what happened was contradicted by other officers involved and witnesses.

Spry appealed his termination, but an arbitrator ruled he violated orders and then lied about it.

According to the arbitrator, Chuck Miller, "spry purposefully violated General Orders by drawing his weapon and pointing it at (the woman), then repeatedly lied about it, and finally his insubordination, the City (of Bryan) has proven that Chief Strope's total lack of trust in Spry is well placed. Strope's decision was justified, appropriate and necessary."