Skilling's Cross Exam

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Former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling says he has "nothing to hide" as his cross-examination continues in the trial over the company's sudden collapse.

Skilling was cross-examined yesterday for the first time, denying he has been tailoring or rehearsing his testimony.

Prosecutor Sean Berkowitz tried to point out inconsistencies. He noted Skilling invested in a photo-sharing business run by his former girlfriend, which did business with Enron. But Skilling didn't tell Enron officials, a possible violation of company ethics.

Skilling said he invested 60-thousand dollars, but Berkowitz presented canceled checks and a copy of a wire transfer that showed Skilling invested three times that much.

The government claims Skilling knew his company resorted to accounting tricks and other fraudulent measures to post impressive

Skilling and Enron founder Kenneth Lay face charges of fraud, conspiracy, insider trading and lying to auditors. Both deny any wrongdoing. Lay expects to begin his testimony next week.