New Veterans Clinic Breaks Ground in College Station

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The veterans out patient medical clinic in College Station has become a busy place in recent years.

"We are just busting at the seams," said Bruce Gordon, director, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System.

Gordon says their current space, which is housed in an office building, is just too small. But all that's about to change. Tuesday, a ground breaking ceremony was held for a new veterans outpatient clinic in College Station.

"We'll have 15 examining rooms, we're going to have offices for five doctors and nurses, we'll have a chance to have education programs, a dedicated conference room and we can expand our mental health services," said Gordon.

Even though the groundbreaking was Tuesday, construction on the new clinic has already begun. The Central Texas Veterans Health Care System hopes the project will be complete by December.

Gordon anticipates the clinic will serve about 4,000 patients next year.

"With that group over the course of the year we'll do about 20,000 visits," said Gordon.

Despite the questionable status of the Waco veterans hospital, Congressman Chet Edwards stressed the importance of taking care of our men and women in uniform both during and after their career.

"To have an all volunteer military, you have to show them were going to keep our promises to provide health care to those who've served our country," said Rep. Chet Edwards, (D) District 17.

"It's the best thing that's happened in this area in a lot of years," said Floyd Wells, local veteran.

Wells says the new facility is needed to better serve the local veteran community, which is growing in size.

"We're getting an older and older group of veterans. They need assistance more now than they ever have," said Wells.