Statewide Zebra Mussel Rules Now In Effect


TEXAS Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife regulations intended to combat the spread of invasive zebra mussels went into effect statewide Tuesday.

The regulations require that all boats and on-board receptacles be drained and also govern the transportation of live fish and live bait.

Boaters are required to drain livewells, bilges, motors and any other receptacles that came into contact with public waters and the regulation applies to all types and sizes of boats including kayaks, canoes, personal watercraft and sailboats.

Live fish including personally caught live bait cannot be transported from the water body where they were caught in water from that body of water.

Anglers may transport and use commercially-purchased live bait, but must have receipts that identify the source.

Live bait that’s purchased at a public water body that’s transported in water from that water body can only be used as bait on the same body of water.

Anglers competing in tournaments confined to one body of water may transport live fish from that water body to a specified off-site weigh-in location, but the water must be drained and properly disposed of before leaving the weigh-in site.

Tournament competitors must have documentation from tournament organizers that identify them as participants.