A&M Schools Still Hope for Differential Tuition

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Although Texas A&M's president won't consider differential tuition until spring of next year, a pair of colleges are still planning on applying for a change.

Officials at the School of Architecture and the Mays Business School say they'd like to have specific tuitions for their students, and will likely present their cases next spring. Numerous schools across the state and country are changing to the new format.

The university's Tuition Policy Advsiory Council approved an application by Mays to change to differential. President Robert Gates said he had a number of questions he wanted answers to before he gave his approval. The decision would then lie with the System Board of Regents.

However, in an e-mail to students, faculty and staff Monday, Gates said he would put off any decisions on differential tuition until Spring 2007. If all necessary approvals were given, the changes would not go into effect until 2008.

Gates gave no indication as to why he decided to put off the topic. He is out of town until Muster begins Friday.

Both schools, Architecture and Business, indicated they'd put the new money towards bringing in faculty.

The School of Architecture expanded on their probable plan, saying they would propose a reduction in student fees. Combined with a tuition raise, the students would see no increase in what they'd pay to the school. Student fees are specificially earmarked to certain areas, most notably technology.

However, according to the school, most students provide their own technology, meaning a tuition hike would allow them to devote that money towards bringing in more and even better faculty.