District Stops Robin Hood Payments

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Directors of the Boerne school district say they won't make any more payments to the state under the so-called "Robin Hood" plan. They're also asking the Texas Attorney General's Office whether the payments are legal.

A spokeswoman for the Texas Education Agency says this is the first time a district has refused to make payments. She says the district risks being divided or consolidated if the money isn't paid by the fall.

The Boerne district is considered rich under the state's school finance plan that redistributes money from rich districts to poor ones. It owes the state two-point-three (m) million dollars by August.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled last year that the state's method of funding schools is unconstitutional. Lawmakers convened Monday in Austin to address the issue.

The court did not throw out the state's share-the-wealth system. But Boerne argues that the court's decision undermines the entire system.