TABC Program Remains on Hold

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The suspension of the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission's crack down on public intoxication continues following the ongoing investigation into several complaints regarding the controversial program.

During Monday's hearing the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission promised to revise its efforts to curb public intoxication in Texas bars. The program that's been around for years was recently suspended.

"It is currently under review and they're taking input from various parts of the industry and the public to see what we can do to adjust our policy," Mitch Dill with TABC said.

A panel is reviewing several arrests by TABC agents. Dozens of complaints have surfaced since the commission said just last month it is stepping up it's effort to write citations or make arrests of intoxicated people.

"The first thought was that it seemed a little extreme," Clint Sarno with The Tap said.

Sarno, manager of The Tap says he can see why bars may be fighting the program, but he's not upset at what the commission was trying to do.

"We understand that the law is you can't be intoxicated in public so when people take it too far that's why our bartenders do not over serve," Sarno said.

Monday several bar owners and patrons lashed out about the program, questioning its motives. TABC maintains their effort was a way to curb drunk driving.

"The primary focus of the program was to stop the service of an alcoholic beverage to someone who is already highly intoxicated," Dill said.

The program remains on hold as the investigation continues. TABC officials say it may resume.

The agency's stepped up effort began last fall after the agency received additional funding to hire more than 100 new employees.