La Hacienda Treatment Center

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There is more help in the Brazos Valley for those battling drug and alcohol addictions. La Hacienda treatment Center in College Station is helping patients transform their lives. One man shared his story.

"I've been clean for over 7months, about 7 1/2 months now," said 42 year old Larry Goodman.

Goodman says La Hacienda Outpatient Rehab Center saved his life. He started drinking heavily at the age of 15 and says from there things got out of control.

"Alcohol was the main start of it and then it went to marijuana to cocaine and I got really addicted to crack cocaine in the later stages of my addiction," said Goodman.

Realizing the negative impact drugs and alcohol were having on his life, Goodman decided to seek help.

"I came to the decision that I didn't want to be in that misery and pain no more and put my family, wife, and kids through that same pain," said Goodman.

He went to La Hacienda's inpatient treatment facility in Hunt Texas. After completion he enrolled in the outpatient program in College Station.

"La Hacienda treatment center worked me through the 12 steps and and taught me how to live life on life's terms. It wasn't about teaching me how not to do alcohol and drugs, it was teaching me how to live," said Goodman.

Counselors say what makes the program a success is developing a strong support network made up of counselors, patients, and their families.

" During the group experience, the relationship that the patients develops with each other that is encouraged and supported by the staff and by the other group members is, I think, one of the key components," said La Hacienda Director, Mary Reyes.

Goodman says it was the support of his family and counselors that have gotten him through some rough times. He wants to be an example for others suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction.

"You can recover from this disease," said Goodman.

For more information about La Hacienda call 979- 846- 9500.