High Price on Downtown Bryan Development

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Bidders for the second phase of redevelopment in Downtown Bryan gave an initial price tag that the city wasn't expecting.

The council had allocated $6.5 million for work on Bryan Street, but only two bids came in, and the low bid was for $8.1 million.

The city will crunch the numbers and decide if putting the project out for bid again is the best option.

Phase One of the development on Main Street cost over $3 million. Bryan Street will cost more for a couple of reasons. First, there are utilities on that road which construction workers on Main Street didn't have to deal with.

Also, access to Main Street was nearly fully restricted during that phase. Business owners were not pleased that customers couldn't get near their stores. So the decision was made to do Bryan Street construction one section at a time. City officials say that might be part of the reason why the two bids came in so high.