Brazos Valley Residents Clean Up After Storms

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Dozens of Brazos Valley residents woke up Friday to downed power lines, scattered tree limbs, and even structural damage. Strong winds and heavy rains pounded the area.

Thursday night's severe weather took the Brazos Valley by storm.

Trees were uprooted, buildings destroyed, and belongings scattered.

High winds ripped through Brazos Valley Livestock's auction barn, destroying a shed's 40-year-old roof. The shed had never been damaged before.

"The 9-1-1 dispatcher said I didn't have a roof so I was expecting to have acres of roof to be gone," Brazos Valley Livestock manager Pat Shields said. "But it was just the smallest building we had so it could have been a lot worse we'll just get it fixed up and keep going."

A plane at Coulter Airfield was blown off the runway onto the grass, the roof of a rural barn completely gone, and a structure, possibly a mobile home destroyed. All victims of strong wind.

"Basically that's just a wind that pushes across the surface of the earth," KBTX Meteorologist Travis Herzog said. "It's not rotating around like a tornado, but often times people can mistake that for tornado like damage because it can do similar damage compared to tornadoes."

BTU restored power after 350 households lost it during the night. 2,000 people were without power throughout Navasota, Madisonville and Huntsville.

"We're entering the peak of severe weather season," Herzog said. "Typically around here that's late April or early May."

And another outbreak may not be too far off. High temperatures produce high energy in the atmosphere, and the result could be severe storms.