Athletes Defy Obstacles At Brazos Valley Senior Games

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Six years ago, Lillian Rudd's doctor told her she had severe spinal problems and her condition would only get worse because surgery wasn't possible.

Rudd said the doctors told here they didn't do that kind of surgery on people over 80. For the active, then 84-year old, that wasn't a good reason.

"I said well, I've got to go get another doctor or I can't go on this way," said Lillian Rudd, senior athlete.

Rudd found a doctor to perform the necessary surgery and things couldn't have worked out better. Saturday, the now 90 year-old, took part the Brazos Valley Senior Games.

"It's kind of amazing. I'm surprised I am still doing this and I don't hurt anywhere. I don't take any medicine," said Rudd.

At the senior games Saturday, Rudd participated in horseshoes, shot put and discus. But that is only the beginning, Sunday she plans to play a game of 3-on-3 basketball.

"If I'm going to have a heart attack or break my leg or something, I'd rather do it on a basketball court than out of a wheelchair," said Rudd.

Participants travelled from all over Texas to take part in the Brazos Valley Senior Games, because to them staying active isn't an option it's a way of life.

"My shoulders hurt, my knees hurt, my feet hurt. I've got arthritis in the feet, but I don't care. It's fun, it's worth it," said Steve Warr, senior athlete.

Warr was the pole vault champion at the games Saturday, but even coming out on top, he still says he could have done better.

"I jumped 10 feet which is eight inches lower than I've done this year. The 10 feet eight inches is the highest in the world in my age group right now," said Warr.

The senior games take place all over the United States. Many of Saturday's participants say the Brazos Valley is just one stop. Most of them are already making plans to compete in the national competition next summer in Louisville.