Desirable Employers

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Within the next couple of weeks, newly minted MBA's will be hitting the bricks, looking for work -- assuming they haven't already found jobs. According to a survey done for Fortune-dot-com, these students have a pretty good idea of where they'd like to be employed.

Topping the list -- once again -- is consulting heavyweight McKinsey and Company. It appeared on more than 18 percent of the MBA candidates' wish lists.

Moving into the top ten and debuting at number two is Google, with 12 and a-half percent of those asked checking out the search-engine giant. Google wasn't even on the survey form last year, but because there were so many write-ins, it ranked 129th out of 179 companies.

Others in the top ten were Goldman Sachs, Bain and Company, the Boston Consulting Group, Citigroup, Apple Computer, General Electric, Johnson and Johnson and Morgan Stanley.