Bryan Police Sergeant Suspended Indefinitely

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The Texas Rangers are involved in the investigation of a veteran Bryan police sergeant indefinitely suspended after a recent incident where that officer allegedly acted inappropriately during a call.

The agency is assisting the Brazos County District Attorney's Office in determining if Sgt. Steve French committed any criminal wrongdoing.

The District Attorney's office declined to comment on the investigation. Texas Ranger Frank Malinak, who is assisting the Brazos County District Attorney's Office, also declined comment but confirmed his involvement.

French, who is listed as one of four zone supervisors on Bryan Police Department's day patrol, was removed from duty August 6 for three violations of Bryan PD's regulations: use of force, conduct unbecoming, and truthfulness.

The violations parallel City of Bryan Civil Service Rules and Regulations, as well as Texas Local Government Code, according to BPD.

French does have the option to appeal the suspension, which would take the matter into an arbitration hearing.

Bryan Police have been instructed by their legal team not to provide further comment or information on this incident, as it is an on-going investigation.

News 3 also asked the Bryan Police Department for more information on the criminal case, French was investigating at the time of the alleged incident. Normally, that is public record, but the request was denied. BPD says it cannot comment on a criminal case that connects to an internal affairs investigation, without approval of the Attorney General's Office.

News 3 attempted calling French, but received no answer at that number.

Steve French has been cleared twice in the past for discharging his weapon. One incident occurred in December 2004 during a shootout at the Taqueria Arandas restaurant in Bryan. French was also involved in a fatal shooting of an armed suspect at a convenience store back in 1997. A grand jury later determined French had taken appropriate action.