Evidence Tampering or Slow Response in Madisonville Murder?

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Its a case of he said she said, and the allegations are all about what happened before Madison County Officers arrived at a Madisonville murder scene on Friday.

Deputies believe Jerry White shot and killed Nick Simpson.

However, the story is much more complicated.

Madison County Sheriff's Deputies say at 10:03 Friday night, Nick Simpson was on the phone.

"They heard a struggle going on so they notified a co-worker of his and told him to go check on him," said Christal Turner, Simpson's cousin.

Nick Simpson had been shot.

The Sheriff's department and Simpson's friends and family both agree on one thing: the co-worker who was called didn't go to the home.

Instead, that person called Nick's family, not 911. That's where the agreement ends.

"It was told to us that the first call was to a family member and then they called other family members to go and remove the contraband out of the house," said Madison County Detective Sergeant Ivan Linebaugh.

"We were told that there were scales, guns and narcotics in the house, and supposedly a large amount of money," said Linebaugh.

None of it was inside when deputies arrived. However, they say Nick's body was. With 30 people standing around it.

"There was probably 150 people in the yard at the time we got there," said Linebaugh.

"Its pretty hard to take over a crime scene when there's so much being contaminated that bad. We didn't know if the shooter was still there, who all the people were," said Linebaugh.

Nick's family says that's because it took the Sheriff's department too long to get there.

"We're not sure who got here first or nothing like that but they came in and they discovered he was laying on the floor, unconscious. After that someone notified 911, we understand, we don't know exactly the time at this point," said Turner.

The Sheriff's Office says it wasn't until 11:20pm- an hour after Nick was shot.

"We had a call of an unattended death. While the officer was en route, we found out it was a gunshot," said Linebaugh.

"Thats when they came out. About however long it took, too long from us, but they did finally arrive," said Turner.

"They were saying he had been dead an hour and it took us a long time to get there. Our 911 call showed the first call came in at 11:20," said Linebaugh.

It's a disagreement with big implications for either side, but one that won't bring Nick Simpson back.

Tampering with evidence is a 3rd degree felony. If the evidence tampered with is a human body, it becomes a 2nd degree felony.

Both offenses carry penalties of at least two years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.

Failing to report a corpse to law enforcement when a crime has been committed, is a class A misdemeanor, and can carry up to a $4,000 fine and up to a year in jail.